UBC’s Training Network for Advanced Machine Learning

We aim to build a research training program in machine learning with value-added training opportunities beyond what traditional computer science programs provide, and linking students to a global network of world-leading researchers and institutions in the field. Our long-term goal: to support the growing digital tech ecosystems in western Canada and beyond.

Machine learning applications are a prominent part of our daily lives, from autonomous vehicles, and customer service chatbots, to autocompletion features in our email clients. For the past decade, “deep learning” has captured the publics’ imagination and a great deal of Canadian institutional investment in ML. Yet, deep learning is not directly applicable in a wide variety of settings in which ML is, and nobody really knows what is next “beyond deep learning” or how to get there.

AML-TN trainees will develop fundamentally new machine learning methodologies, not just apply, or improve existing ones. AML-TN’s novelty derives from the fact that true innovation springs from a diversity of people, thought, and perspectives. For this reason, our training maximizes the disciplinary breadth to which our students are exposed, by not only providing exposure to UBC’s full range of offerings, but also developing unique pathways to engage with our broad network of world-class partner institutions and their programs.

Partnering with numerous UBC groups, and external collaborators, we aim to develop a collaborative network for high level education and research. Check out our recruitment page, or contact us to see how you can get involved today.